Solving market challenges with
Upstream Smart Curation

Onetag Smart Curation gives you direct access
to premium advertising inventory at scale.

The Onetag Smart Curation platform combines with our Global Exchange infrastructure to deliver greater scale, performance and measurement for buyers and publishers.

Curate your view 

Choose the unique blend of performance and targeting tactics your advertising requires.

Activate in your DSP 

Push to your DSP seat and manage dynamically. 

Dynamic & Efficient

Real time campaign impact, reduced carbon emissions.


Future proof targeting and optimization.

Privacy centric

100% data compliant.

Curation Campaign Benefits

Increase Scale

Listen to all traffic without deal throttling.

Improve Addressability 

Better user matching applying unique campaign targeting at the source.

Better Outcomes 

Faster and more efficient ROI with reduced carbon emissions.

Your Smart Curation tools
for the Open Internet

Open marketplace

Few controls,
no customisation

$31Bn revenue /
35% Media Quality Loss

Your DSP assist for the Open Auction


Onetag delivers a stream of curated, high-quality impressions to help your DSP perform better in the Open Auction without cookies.

Our focused AI learns what impressions are most likely to perform for each campaign

average increase in Viewability
+ 0 %
average increase in CTR
+ 0 %
proportion of total impressions Onetag
filters out at source for the Open Auction
0 %

Build the Smart Deals you need, the way you want


Maximise user matching, ad relevance, attention and performance using all the levers available via our self-serve or managed curation platform.

Access rich contextual targeting powered by the Onetag knowledge graph and Semantic Topics search tool

Semantic Topics

The Onetag proprietary semantic engine enables powerful contextual targeting based on an innovative knowledge graph.

Onetag provides a privacy friendly, brand safe way to reach interested audiences in quality environments in a highly relevant way

Greater accuracy – beyond keywords 

Increased relevance and accuracy based on the meaning of page content.

Highly specific – beyond categories 

Increased relevance and accuracy based on the meaning of page content.

Future-Proof – beyond cookies 

Increased relevance and accuracy based on the meaning of page content.

CTR increase Telco brand using Semantic Topics
+ 0 %
CTR increase Betting brand using Semantic Topics
+ 0 %

Start Boosting Your Performance

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