Reaction to the latest IPA Bellwether report

Yesterday’s IPA Bellwether report revealed that despite the doom and gloom industry messaging, 2022 marketing budgets closed with small, but convincing growth. The latest Q4 2022 report showed that despite a slight reduction in adspend forecast for 2023, real opportunities await for those that embrace digital, tech forward and data-driven strategies.

Comments below from Daniel Pirchio, Founder and CEO of Onetag, were covered in Performance Marketing World, New Digital Age and MediaShotz.

“The IPA report signals that digital marketing is an effective countermeasure to the impacts of the recession on brand visibility. However, the digital marketing ecosystem is fragmented and often filled with disparate data points, with many technologies still missing sophisticated reasoning. 

“At a time when efficiency and reduced wastage is a top priority for marketers, it’s important that they focus on building strategic partnerships throughout the programmatic ecosystem. The ability to filter bad placements automatically and in real-time based on campaign performance metrics is one key way advertisers can both drive efficiencies and maximise their ad investments.” 

About Onetag

Onetag is a global, non-traditional SSP that provides incremental revenue for publishers and better campaign performance for advertisers.

Unlike most SSPs, Onetag offers a streamlined platform that more efficiently matches buyers and sellers across all performance campaigns. With the simplest integration, our high-performing algorithms automatically curate packages of premium publisher inventory for brands and agencies.