We Build Tech That Advances Reengineers  Benefits Progresses The Entire Programmatic Ecosystem

Onetag is a technology company that is helping leaders step into a new era of programmatic buying and selling.

We Actually Use Data

So many of the AdTech giants talk about data, but most don’t actually do anything with it. We believe in the power of data science and we back it up by investing in our robust data science team. Through data intelligence we make our solutions smarter and deliver greater value to the entire programmatic ecosystem. 

We See Unique Data


Rather than just connecting publishers with advertisers, Onetag’s technology leverages unique data points to provide the best match between a publisher’s inventory quality and an advertiser’s campaign goals.

Onetag filters bad placements automatically and in real-time based on campaign performance metrics.

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Cookieless AdTech

Onetag’s technology is ready for cookieless with a proprietary contextual semantic engine and a probabilistic ID graph technology.

Onetag can match advertisers with their target audiences thanks to an advanced knowledge graph infrastructure to ensure the ad is displayed on the website(s) it’s supposed to be.

  • Among other ID providers, Onetag fully supports Liveramp’s RampID.
  • Onetag is also ready to implement the new Google Privacy Sandbox.

Rooted In Big Data, Built For Scale

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