Introducing FATE 

Audience targeting  done right

FATE increases the predictive power of your first party data by applying real-time Machine Learning.

We overlay anonymous browsing patterns together with real-time data points such as the weather , GPS location and deep semantic analysis to augment the power of your data.

OneTag allows you to apply FATE to all your advertising channels, including Programmatic, Social and Search.

How does FATE find your ideal customer?

NEW USERS for Prospecting
Lookalike modeling based on real data

We create a custom, tailored lookalike match especially modeled on your data, in order to target the ideal prospects for each of your offers.

WARM USERS for Remarketing
Target the right portion of your visitors

We identity the real interest of your visitors who  abandon your site, and allow you to drive them back with the right ad, at the right time.

HOT USERS for Custom Offers
High intent users at your fingertips

Ever thought of increasing the value of your sales?  FATE is able to predict who’s going to place your next order with reasonable advance.

Hundreds of data points are analysed in real-time to identify your ideal prospect, and to predict with high accuracy who is likely to convert on your site.

Save money on DMP fees

Traditional DMPs offer you audience segments based on standard rules and manual cookie updates over time.

But how much is that audience list worth after 1 month?

FATE comes included with OneTag and provides each client with smart data that is automatically applied to your Programmatic, Social and Search campaigns.

Rich data insights are also available at no extra cost.

OneTag handles billions of data records every second

  • Anonymous user data (and consented PII data)
  • Browsing behaviour and habits
  • Precise semantic tokens
  • Accurate weather information
  • Geospatial location data

Unleash the power of data