Onetag is a global independent advertising platform specialized in media curation.

Our programmatic technology, centered around privacy and transparency, is powered by a unique data science approach. 

Onetag supports publishers with direct and incremental demand while helping marketers achieve their advertising goals. Quality is at the top of our priorities and ease of use is our mantra.

What our partners say about us

What our partners say about us

What is Onetag?

Programmatic is the dominant buying infrastructure across all media formats, yet most of the major players do little to contribute and build a better ecosystem that benefits the industry. That’s where Onetag comes in.

Onetag is more than just a pipe to deliver campaigns, we’ve built an intelligent array of technology products that deliver real value across the entire ecosystem. 

Onetag is reengineering programmatic through innovative tech that benefits everyone.

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How Onetag Works

Our technology empowers the entire programmatic ecosystem with technology and infrastructure to enhance control, increase efficiency and improve transparency.

Access unique demand and increase the value of your inventory to the worlds leading advertisers. 

Improve campaign performance with OneTag's innovative and easy to implement tech that leverages unique data.

Built By Programmatic Veterans 

OneTag was created to usher in a new era for the programmatic supply chain. 

Our proprietary technology empowers both buyers and sellers with the technology, tools and infrastructure maximizing results. We accomplish this through revolutionary technology that ensures data privacy compliance without compromising performance.


Unlock premium direct demand though our single line of ads.txt. We make integration easy and fast thanks to Prebid and Open Bidding.


Improve your programmatic campaign performance with our extremely “plug n’ play” tech solutions enabling you to move quickly, and risk-free.

Some partners we are proud to work with

Some partners we are proud to work with