Onetag launches the industry’s first AI co-pilot for programmatic media curation

Programmatic advertising platform Onetag has launched its integrated Smart Curation platform, incorporating an AI co-pilot feature to help marketers, DSPs and curation partners achieve their campaign objectives. 

The Smart Curation platform serves as an advanced integrated media curation suite with two main approaches to innovate programmatic planning and activation – OpenVerified and DealCurate – providing the perfect blend of advanced, easy-to-use AI-driven optimisation solutions. 

OpenVerified is the best approach for open auction buying and provides a unique sell-side algorithmical approach at DSP seat level. A set of optimisation levers enable maximum control and flexibility including MFA filtering and, powered by Sincera metadata, ads-to-content ratio (A2CR) and maximum ads in view.

Onetag’s deal creation solution DealCurate gives users a comprehensive access to campaign planning including a proprietary semantic dataset for granular cookieless contextual targeting. 

The Smart Curation platform drives on average nearly 30% higher CTR and viewability compared with non-curated inventory across the open auction – with semantic data more than doubling CTR for many campaigns. 

Daniel Pirchio, Founder and CEO at Onetag, said:“We are excited to officially launch the Smart Curation platform globally, with its unprecedented efficiency and performance for buyers, data providers and curation partners. Being the first platform on the market leveraging AI to co-pilot media curation is a huge milestone for Onetag, and we look forward to our customers using our technology to accelerate and improve their programmatic planning and activation.”

Mike O’Sullivan, Co-founder at Sincera, commented: “The Smart Curation platform is one of the first to directly integrate Sincera performance signals, such as A2CR and Max Ads in View into the user workflow. This allows buyers direct control as to how these signals are used in their deals. It’s a massive step forward for transparency and advanced cookieless performance on the Open Internet.”

The Smart Curation platform is available to all programmatic buyers, data providers and curation partners at no additional cost. 

Originally Published on: New Digital Age