Industry Reaction to IPA Bellwether Q1 2023 Report

IPA’s Q1 2023 Bellwether report strong growth in UK marketing budgets, despite a challenging economic environment. Comments below from Onetag’s Global SVP of Demand, Niki Stoker, were covered in ExchangeWire, Performance Marketing World, New Digital Age and MediaShotz.

“It is positive to see that despite a challenging economic environment, main media marketing, which includes digital marketing, has recorded its strongest expansion in spend since Q1 2022, signalling an optimistic outlook. 

“However, to continue this growth trajectory, marketers should be demanding more transparency, efficiency and performance from their partners to drive toward a more effective and efficient programmatic ecosystem. Fortunately, new players are emerging in the market to do just that. By being agile, innovative and smart, they are able to create tailored packages that deliver higher KPIs for the same money and results with less ad waste. And at a time when reduced wastage and efficiency has never been more important, this will be a win-win for all.”

About Onetag

Onetag is a global, non-traditional SSP that provides incremental revenue for publishers and better campaign performance for advertisers.

Unlike most SSPs, Onetag offers a streamlined platform that more efficiently matches buyers and sellers across all performance campaigns. With the simplest integration, our high-performing algorithms automatically curate packages of premium publisher inventory for brands and agencies.